Subscription FAQ

- Apple does not give developers the ability to cancel subscription, user must cancel on thier own.
- Apple does not give developers the ability to process refunds.
- Our apps do not automatically sign users up for a free trial, users must select the free trial then consent to the purchase then log into their Apple ID and go through the Apple In-App-Purchase dialog.
- When you sign up for a free trial or subscription Apple will send a confirmation email to the Apple ID that made the purchase. If you do not receive this email you may have not signed up for a free trial or subscription.

Cancel Subscription iOS

Please navigate to for instructions directly from apple.

1. Click Settings
2. Click the Top Button(With your name on it and “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store” under)
3. Click “iTunes & App Store”
4. Click “Apple ID: “ at the top
5. Click “View Apple ID”
6. Click “Subscriptions”
7. You will be given a list of Active subscriptions. There you can click on the appropriate one and click “Cancel Subscription”.


Please email for all other inquiries.